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Car Leasing,Chauffeur Service,Malaysia Car Leasing,Chauffeur Service,Malaysia is a premier car rental, car leasing and chauffeur service agent in Malaysia. We are the leading car leasing, car rental and chauffeur service in Malaysia.

Golden Rules for leasing a car over purchasing in Malaysia.
  • The short-term monthly cost of leasing is ALWAYS SIGNIFICANTLY LESS than the cost of buying. Short term leases are generally up to 2 years. So, if you like to change cars every 3-4 years or so and drive under 24,000 kilometers a year, consider a 3 year lease is the best option for you.
  • The long-term cost of leasing is ALWAYS MORE than the cost of buying, assuming the buyer keeps his vehicle after loan-end. Long term would be longer than 4 years If you like to keep your car more than 5 years or you put a lot of kilometers per year on the car, consider buying and look for cash incentives and low financing offer.
Leasing with's Car Leasing Program you enjoy: -


Driving your choice of car for a specific period of time without having to worry about your appointment with car dealer, loan repayment, vehicle purchasing and disposing process, insurance and road tax.
Hassle-free for users who are going to use the vehicle in Malaysia for short-term basis.
Cost efficient solutions for administrator for managing short term projects.
Avoiding high depreciation of asset cost when purchase.
You get:
Regular servicing and checking of vehicle.   24 hours Breakdown Service assistance.
Accident management.   Replacement vehicle.
Insurance and Road Tax.   Complete range of vehicle choice.
Hassle-free termination.      
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